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Toon Boom studio 8 Free Download

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Toon Boom Studio Review

Each time people communicate a couple of software to implement for web animation and graphics, normally the very first name to return up is Flash from Adobe. Flash has assisted to revolutionise the visual part in the internet and enabled pros and hobbyists alike to add their artistic flavour into the web.

Even so, it has been criticised for not becoming a powerful plenty of tool for animators who need that more amount of complexity and suite of tools, specifically animators with a great deal of experience in conventional animation.

The Toon Boom Studio software was created with these animators in your mind and refers to itself being an animator's software. Does it dwell up to its billing? So how exactly does it review to Flash? Let us discover in this Toon Boom Studio review...


The very first and most putting distinction between Toon Boom and Flash is the workflow set up. Toon Boom features a a lot more classic workflow solution, so everyone accustomed to classic animation techniques will likely be satisfied to check out X-sheets and product sheets for lip sync.

Some ardent Flash end users would recommend that x-sheets are more or fewer redundant in recent times, but it all depends on your own workflow. A traditional animator usually likes the preparing and construction that x-sheets allow...furthermore, it tends to make guaranteed all people around the generation is over the identical site and is aware of what they are undertaking.

Brush Variety

Flash's vector system is second-to-none regarding its line top quality. Even so, it really is not often to everybody's style. For folks who much like the more sketchy glance or need a small a lot more handle on brush variety, the Toon Boom toolset gives much more natural on the lookout brushes, which can develop a additional classic sense into the animation work.

The large downside with Toon Boom's brushes even so, is the fact that the preview brushes are aliased, that means that you just need to export your movie file to see the actual glimpse - this doesn't happen in Flash, the results are often vector centered and clean. Frankly, it is a tiny disheartening, and hopes are this difficulty might be sorted out in foreseeable future variations.

Audio and Lip-Sync Capabilities

An animation software would not be entire without the need of lip-sync and audio abilities, and listed here Toon Boom has additional a different state-of-the-art lip-syncing system that can automate your lip-sync dependant on the audio file. You end up picking a variety of mouth styles as well as the system analyses the audio and locations the designs inside the timeline to match up using the audio.

Now this my be beneficial for some folks and cases, particularly on significant force projects, wherever you need to receive a quick lip sync pass out to show the director, but I am somewhat more old-school myself and am usually cautious of automatic options, primarily for lip sync (they generally need tweaking and tidying up to create it glance suitable). But as I say, it really is undoubtedly a good tool to acquire should you need it.

You will find means to automate lip sync in Flash nevertheless they demand more third-party plugins and don't come bundled along with the software.


Framing your animation is key to telling your tale inside the right way, and for this explanation the camera is extremely crucial. Toon Boom's virtual cameras allow for a better adaptability inside the assortment and framing of your respective animation than Flash's extra standard cameras permit.

The multi-plane camera is often a serious boon to any animator's workflow and lets you be that minor bit extra imaginative in your scene planning and layering up of your respective animation.

Flash won't at the moment have got a multi-plane camera designed to the software, however , you could work all-around this by generating your aspects in Flash and exporting to something like Adobe After Results exactly where you may have got a large number of applications and multi-planing will probably be easy. This naturally creates the situation you are working among 2 distinctive software, but it does receive the position finished.


ToonBoom Free has the aptitude of outputting a task as an FLA file which can be then imported into Flash with many of the levels remaining independent. It is a useful way to permit you work involving the two software and acquire the best of each worlds...particularly for turning your animation into an interactive web challenge, or exporting like a Shockwave file (swf).
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