Printer common jam resolution

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Printer common jam resolution

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General printer toner the most common fault is a paper jam, a lot of jam problems with the user's use of a relationship, for example, the paper is not put away is easy to jam and so on. If the user can learn some simple skills to deal with jam problems, then in everyday applications, it is easy to improve office efficiency. Here I share several common problems for the jam and solutions.

A multiple sheets feed reasons 4

   1, the position of the paper. Position paper was placed incorrectly can cause multiple sheets feed occurs, correct height of the paper can not be higher than the arrow mark paper slot on the left rail; secondly, check the paper specifications meet the requirements: 60 to 180 wt. g paper in order to meet requirements, and less than 60 grams of thin paper, it is prone to the phenomenon of simultaneous multi-feed.

   2, the surface of the printing paper curl. Curl is also caused by the occurrence of a multi-page paper, it must ensure that the paper surface smooth, if slightly curled, you can think of ways to flatten it.

   3, electrostatic induction of. Electrostatic induction can also cause the phenomenon of multiple pages at a time, must be installed in the paper before the paper to spread out in a fan-shaped way to ensure that each paper can be separated separately, and then press the correct way to load paper into the guide In the bin.

   4, adjust the position of the lever. For printers with paper thickness adjustment, it is important to adjust the position of the adjustment lever. When using a different paper, paper thickness lever position is not the same, for example, when using a conventional thickness of the paper, you must adjust the position of "0" bar. Of course, different printers on the regulation of the adjustment lever is not the same, the best reference manual.

When the printer to take the paper to print to a page when a piece of paper suddenly empty, and then automatically followed by printing down. This is often the printer to use for a long time, paper detection switch contacts due to wear and dust into the poor contact, resulting in the printer to make the wrong reasons to judge. Remove the printer, find the paper detection switch carefully cleaned with alcohol, can be restored to normal.

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