Close to the famous Pandora jewelry store

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Close to the famous Pandora jewelry store

Příspěvekod Savzfrwrw » úte 15. srp 2017 2:36:08

And then we have a second promo alert for Pandora shoppers in North America after my post about pandora charms sale earlier, as the March free bracelet event officially starts today! Pre-sales have been going on for the past week, with owners of a Pandora preferred credit card even able to take home their goodies home early, but the free bracelet promo proper starts today.

Barely a month after the launch of the Spring 2017 collection, today heralds the global release of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 launch! I still have a long, long wish list from the regular SS17 release, pandora charms uk not that much for me this time around. The collection is heavy on the hearts and family-themed jewellery, with only a few offerings outside of those general themes.

First of all, we have our floral beads – and there are a pandora bracelet sale! There are many more additions to previous sets of charms, including the Dazzling Daisies and Poetic Blooms collections, and an entirely new set called Magnolia Bloom.

As usual, stock images do not do these pieces justice. Of the three new leather bracelets (white/ivory, mixed pink, and mixed blue), I absolutely loved the pandora jewelry box in person. It looked gorgeous with the orchids. A really nice combination would be the white Orchids with the pink leather, and then the pink Orchids with the white leather, I think.

This year’s design is a pretty locket design – the first pendant-style Club charm to date – with ‘PANDORA CLUB’ engraved on the back. The date, ‘2017’, is written inside the charm, and is only visible when you open the charm. The stone tucked away inside the locket is, pandora bracelet uk, a 0.01 carat diamond!
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