Wholesale Colorful Tinted Tempered Insulating Laminated Glas

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Wholesale Colorful Tinted Tempered Insulating Laminated Glas

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Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co.,Ltd is situated Hefei. Principal products usually are low e glass insulated magnifying glaas, laminated magnifying glaas, tempered goblet, Fabric Laminated Cable Glass, silk branded glass, switchable tumbler, louver a glass etc. Weihao is an extremely professional tumbler processing manufacturing plant which portion the non commercial and commercial market since 1996. We always target quality along with innovation and get a beneficial reputation out there.

We bring in internationally superior automatic slicing production lines, ensure this accuracy of glass lowering and superior prevent the scratches within the glass outside, to lay a good foundation for the pursuing procedure.

Edging plus cleaning is often finished at the same time through the advanced Bilateral grinding machine. It might ensure the edge look good plus make positive the accuracy of cup.

We get skilled employees and sophisticated Horizontal hole-punching unit. It can drill divots both sides and ensure the ditch position is very accurate not having breakage. It properly solves the condition about your deviation connected with hole location for laminated cup.

We own 13 meters long tempering Furnace with Made Convection Technique, It might produce low-e a glass with prime quality and high yield. At the same time, Each batch of products shall be arranged using granularity along with flatness test to be able to eliminate substandard goods.

Monolithic cesium potassium fireplace rated magnifying glaas is type of special tumbler. Through logical matching, precise temperature manage and rigid soaking time frame, Every bits of a glass can exchange ion wholly then it will have fireproof purpose.

In a new dust-free, continuous temperature plus humidity workshop, Skilled individuals make laminated goblet with premium PVB film. In the finish, The qualified workers will double check the frame then finish off trimming yet again with skilled trimming tools in order to make sure every points are all perfect.

To the insulated magnifying glaas, in the primary seal method with butyl sealant, The employees check the edge and three corners associated with Aluminum carefully step-by-step. Then place the glass around the Automatic insulating glass creation line, The cutter will finish the following procedure automaticlly.

Weihao always look into quality all of which keep innovation everyday.
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